Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Kilim Area Rugs Work with Every Kind of Home Decor Style

I love the new kilim area rugstyle that is becoming so popular in the oriental rugs for sale industry. These are the Turkish Kilim rugs which are a thinner and flatter weave than the other types of oriental rugs we find on the market. The Turkish made Kilim rug is increasingly in demand as they are used for more design options than just an average floor covering.

This type of oriental rugs for sale is made in several regions of central Asia including Persia, Turkey and the Caucasus. The kilim is often hong on a wall, used over a sofa and of couse, used as a floor covering.

Kilim Area rug makingis an art form made of natural hand dyed wool, often interwoven with other materials. Each design is artistic and individualized, depending on the weaver or the village where it is made. Today, many design magazines feature the kilim rugs over other Oriental rugs for sale because of its interesting geometrical designs. It’s these patterns that now fit in with modern d├ęcor as well as the more traditional.

The Kilim rugs also carry special cultural aspects as each region where they are made has its own traditions involving colors used, patterns and even the dyeing process.

How Do You Choose an Oriental Rug for Sale in the Kilim Style­­?

Before you go shopping you want to think of the size you need. Don’t skimp on size to try and save some $$. Remember this is an heirloom artisan piece that will last your entire lifetime. If you choose a smaller rug your room will also look smaller. In the living room the rug defines the conversation area so it should be at least large enough so that the front legs of furniture can sit on it. In the bedroom you also want your kilim area rug to extend at least two feet beyond the bed on each side.

The Flat Weave Kilim Area Rugs Have a Distinct Advantage

The flat –weave of the Kilim area rugs have a definite advantage. They are low-pile so there is no look of wear and they are extremely practical when it comes to cleaning. They only require basic vacuuming and sometimes spot cleaning. The Kilim styles look much like ikat fabric styles, which have bold geometric patterns that are created by using a special natural dyeing method. This makes this type of oriental rug for sale ideal for modern and minimalistic designed homes as well as those that have a traditional style.

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