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Oriental handcrafted Rugs for Sale: They are a Magical form of Art

The art of making oriental rugs is magical. The Kilim area rugs come from central Asia and the artisans who make them can claim to belonging to generations of artisans that span thousands of years. Even today traditional oriental rugs for sale use the same designs woven through rugs in ancient times.

Silk and wool Kilim area rugs are the most elegant, traditional and durable, making them the most coveted. To make the ikat fabrics used in the carpet making cocoons of silkworms are harvested and spun into strong thread, then dyed to wondrous vibrant colors.

These are then fabricated into ikat fabrics sold by the yard, or threads to be woven into oriental rugs and carpets that are for sale. Most artisans use natural dyes made from berries, nuts and roots to color the Ikat fabrics which are sold by the yard, but also the threads used to make oriental carpets.
Hand Knotted
All Kilim area rugs are hand knotted and the tying of these knots into the rug is a complex process. A frame, known as a loom holds the rug in place as the artisan weaves in the ikat fabric threads.
These are not the average heavy duty knot a sailor might use. No this is a complex process where the weaving is an asymmetrical double knot or a combination with the Persian single knot; both made to last for hundreds of years.

And the Magic Begins…

While the intricacies of the average oriental rug for sale are certainly distinct and interesting, it is the art that makes the Kilim area rugs so magical.

The magic in the oriental rugs for sale begins as the patterns and designs begin to take form. It’s the geometric patterns, the designs, the vines, vases and other traditional design patterns that makes the weaving stand out. In many cases, a weaver will work form memory with age old designs imprinted into his mind. At other times complex patterns are drawn out onto graph paper and scaled down to specific size within the weaving.
How Long does It Take to Weave One of the Kilim Area Rugs?

It can take days, months or even years to finish a single oriental rug that comesup for sale. This depends on the carpet size, the design complexity and the number of weavers working on a single rug. The Magical Story Behind every Oriental Rug for Sale
What makes these hand woven Kilim area rugs so special, favored among other hand woven rug?
Beyond their extreme beauty, the hand-made kilim area rug there is a long lasting story interwoven into each rug. Folklore says that the weavers (mostly women) create these rugs as a permanent memory of their feelings or of important days in their lives. The rugs are woven with joy, sorrow, longings and love. In the choice of color, motif and patterns these feelings come through, just as they would in any artists work. Look closely at the oriental rug for sale you are considering and you may see similarities in family work, or even in the work that comes from one village as opposed to another.

In ever Kilim area rug you are reading a life, a joy or a sorrow. The weaving of the oriental rug for sale is a truly astounding process.

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