Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Throw Pillows - What You Need to Know When Decorating

If you are looking to make a change to your home, a new paint color or new furniture is not necessary. Sometimes all you need is some new, unique design with new throw pillows or pillow covers. This is a faster and more affordable way to spruce up your living space. However, purchasing throw pillows is not often as simple as just picking out a couple of pillows.
When buying throw pillows or pillow covers, you want to keep size, fabric, design and color in mind. The size of your pillow is important because you do not want a pillow that is too small and will get lost on your couch. You also do not want your throw pillows to overwhelm your couch.

When it comes to the fabric or type of pillow, there are many to choose from. Two types of throw pillows and pillow covers that we have at Alesouk, are ikat throw pillows and suzani pillows. The ikat pillow is made by weaving together silk or cotton. They are handwoven by our professional artisans and do not use any dyes. These fabrics create bright, bold designs. The suzani pillows, on the other hand, are embroidered. These designs are very elegant and unique.

Choosing between ikat throw pillows and suzani pillows depends on the style and designs you are looking for. Both types of pillows are very different, so you can choose based on your home’s style. When choosing a pillow based on design and color, you want a color that will best complement the colors in your home. You want your pillows to stand out as unique, and not clash with the rest of your home decor.
At Alesouk we offer a wide variety of pillows and pillow covers to choose from. Browse our online catalog at Alesouk.com today to find the ideal throw pillows for your home.

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